Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Moose

Hi y'all
Of the four amigos, I am the shorty and the newbie to quilting.Add Image
Nanci, one of the other amigos is teaching me to quilt (lessons are unique since I live in Florida and she lives in Illinois....)
This is a picture of my latest endeavor. The credit for the cute assembly of the pattern goes to amigo Nanci. I did the button hole stitch and then quilted. Actually I did two of the Moose. The first one I did for my friend who won the hunting lottery last season and actually shot a moose in Maine on her first hunting trip. She gave me some of her moose meat and I gave her a wall hanging like this one except I included the date of her kill which was Sept. 19, 2008.


  1. Man, all the applique is quite the undertaking for a first quilt! Turned out really nice :) Cute pattern too - Nanci should sell it on Etsy!

  2. Thanks for the compliment Sara
    Nanci is a good teacher,