Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bella the goat!

Does anyone else out there have a dog that eats, literally, everything? She is still a puppy, but she is getting expensive. We grabbed this out of her mouth yesterday.... on Thursday she ate part of our darling daughter-in-law's shoe - costs us $60 at Nordstrom's rack to replace. At least this little onesie will only be about $7.50. Bella is faster than a speeding bullet! We think she is part goat. She is 8 months old - so we are hoping by the time she is 1 year old she will calm down a bit.


  1. She's gorgeous Bonny. I'll have to put you in my Dog Lovers playlist on Bloglines! My old Simon occasionally eats something - usually a plastic container that has had food in it, even though it has been washed...

  2. Puppies often do that; I lost a number of expensive books to my brother's puppy. However, we have a six-year-old beagle known as "The Walking Intestine." Yep, he will and does eat anything except broccoli. Which is kinda funny considering the disgusting things he does eat. ; )

    ~ Ronda