Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Think hubby will notice?

While our darling granddaughter slept, I made hubby a birthday pillowcase.  His birthday is on Sept 2nd!  I wonder if he will notice it on our bed tonight - he is very good at not seeing anything quilt related...

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  1. I know just what you mean - mine only notices when things arrive in the mailbox because he figures, not always correctly, that I've spent more $$. I just won some vintage pillowcases in a giveaway, so they'll be arriving soon and didn't cost anything, and I won a $10 gift certificate (for the 2nd time) from Fabshophop and that didn't cost anything either. Great fabric on the pillowcase! My hubby's b-day is Sept. 24. He's restoring an old car now, too, so that would be a great fabric for me to use for him for something special - hmmm! Thanks for sharing!