Sunday, January 22, 2012

Oh what a storm!

Kaylee and Dad playing "Robots"!

We ended up with only 5 inches of snow but the ice is what tore up everyone's landscapes.  I don't think there is a yard in our neighborhood or all of Auburn that doesn't have broken trees.  It is just so sad.  We have seen trees uprooted and areas where it looks like someone just took a machete to the trees.

Bob's sister, Cheryl, brought us up some firewood so we stayed kinda warm the first night our power was out.  So sweet of her :)

Our neighbors and best friends, Mechelle and Vince picked us up Friday morning in their 4x4 truck and we got to take showers and thaw out a bit, recharge our cell phone and ipad!  Our ipad was our connection to the news - missed that once the battery was drained!  ... then we got our power back on late in the afternoon.  Our daughter and her family spent the night with us and stayed all day yesterday while their house got their power back on.  We had a fun day!  Actually hand sewed and visited.  I loved that part of the storm :)

Our son and his family got their power back on in time for it to cut off again, but soon it came back on again.

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