Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What a fast week in Paducah!

                         Nanci standing in front of where the Hotel use to be before the flood.
 This was referred to as "The Bubble" where all the vendors had their booths... so much fun stuff to look and buy:)
                                         Someone made a quilt out of Quilt T-shirts
                     Here is a purse that we are going to try to make...  really cool looking!
                   Now to just see some of the gorgeous quilts these talented contestants made!
                                                       Beautiful longarm embroidery!

                                                      One of my very favorites...
                                            I had to buy this pattern - love baskets!

                               Me and Nanci in front of one of the quilt buildings!
                                                                   Had to pose here too!
                             Took a picture of this quilt for Kaylee - she is all about Princess's!
           I was shocked at how many quilters from WA state entered their quilts into the quilt show!
                                                     This quilt is for Cole!

 Can you believe this is a pieced quilt all sewn with material?  Jack Nicholson never looked so good!

                                                   Another basket quilt that I loved!

              This was a unique wall hanging - it was pieces just attached together - very different

 These are the details of the blocks of a farm quilt that at the end you will see in its entirety!

 This quilt won 2nd place in the Quilt show.  It was my favorite of all the quilts - I would have voted for it to be 1st Place!!!!  The lady who created this quilt is Bonnie Keller and she is from Chehalis WA - told you there were alot of WA applicants!  She is practically in my back yard!  Of course I had to email her asking if her pattern was possibly for sell ... wouldn't that be the "Find" of the century!  Bonnie said that this quilt was a group effort made by her guild, and they decided not to make a pattern for sale.  Boo Hoo!
                                                          Here it is in all it's Glory!

                                          This was a Hoffman challenge - Loved it!

                                         Totally loved this quilt - especially the colors!
                                                                  Another basket quilt!

                                                  Look at the center of each flower....

                    This is real mistletoe growing in the tree outside the quilt show building.

                              Local downtown building with such cool tiles outside
              They had a bright blue paint in between the bricks - looked almost like it glowed!

     This was a Mexican restaurant we ate at ... Kentucky does not know how to do Mexican :(

                                                     We were in these lines alot!
                                               Another cool side of a building

                             At the Deli downtown we had lots of little birdies to feed!

                                            This bird made a contemporary bird nest :)
                      Nanci and I sewed this at night after we left the quilt show... just need the borders!
                          Now I just need to embroidery these 3 panels and back it!
                            Here is where we stayed - 70's decoration - but clean!

                                   Behind us was the Ohio River - we were on the bluff!
                     Have you ever seen a McDonald's restaurant with this motiff?  I never have!
 Us holding up our hard work and her husband taking our pic once we got back to Nanci's house
 A quilt shop in Rochester that we got to go to - such lovely Kaffe Fasset prints everywhere - didn't expect that in that little tiny town!
                                                    Inside the Rochester quilt shop!
This is "The Hen House" quilt shop in St Louis - just next to the airport - such a cool quilt shop - of course I bought something here!!!!

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  1. Looks you had a fabulous time! Beautiful quilts, beautiful quilting and beautiful ladies... ;-)