Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Birdie Quilt has been hung (Clap Clap!)

                  Here is Hubby making sure it will be level and not hung crooked :)
                                                       Looks perfect to me!
Me and two of my girlfriends, Nanci and Robin, each made this quilt.  Then we got the smart idea to swap squares... so the darker blue squares are theirs.  In the top row is Robin's, and in the 3rd row is Nanci's.  This makes each of our quilts extra special :)  And mine is even more special cause my daughter, Sara, machine quilted it for me!  
 Want to show a close up of my daughter's, Sara, machine quilting :)

Here is Nanci's finished quilt... can you see my block that I exchanged?  Look at her adorable quilt hanger.  And you get to see a pic of Nanci!  Love you Girlfriend! 

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  1. It looks great hung on the wall with my tutorial! Such cute birds!