Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer has finally arrived!!!!

 Got the kiddles a wagon to play with ... Melanie is just like her Momma - determined to put it together with Papa :)
 They got the wheels on :)  Now to get this wagon going ....
 How cool is this top - even UV fabric on it!  Papa did good putting it together with all the help he had!
 Cole is deciding if he wants to ride with Kaylee and Teddy Rumpkin (remember that toy)?
 A bit sad to have to wait for Gramma to snap pictures before the ride can begin.
                                                     Time to play in the garden sprinkler!
                                                                              Hubby :)
                   One of the new grasses we got yesterday at the Nursery... love going to nurseries!
               The other grass we got - doesn't look as pretty on camera as it does in real life...
 Now some pics of my pots that we planted this summer... love using hanging charlie!
                                                                    My clematis!
       Can't believe all the blossoms that bloomed once the sun came out!  Everyone is a happy camper!
                 Momma bird is back on her nest... I googled and they lay eggs 3 times a season...
                Another pretty pot - decided all flowers the color purple are GORGEOUS!
                                                                Another pretty one :)
                        My tomato plant - hope it stays warm enough to get tomatoes!!!
My sanctuary - I sit in the rocking chair - put my feet up and read or play "Words with Friends"!

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