Monday, August 6, 2012

Our weekend on the Oregon Coast!

 We went down to Bob's Creek - just outside of Florence OR and hunted for agates... here my Aunt Justine and I are in this cave entrance - so cool down there...
 Here we are walking out of the cave and decided to explore down the beach.
 Look what we found!  So many starfishes and sea urchines!  The tide was out so it washed them all up - but in an hour or so the tide started coming back in so the starfish will be washed back out to sea.
                    Here is Al (my Auntie's 'Love', My Auntie Justine, and My HUBBY :)
                                                               Another Starfish!
                                                              Sea Urchines!

                                   Isn't this just the coolest how they clump together!

                      I didn't realize there were so many different colors of Starfishes!
                I don't think there are any prettier beaches than the ones you see in Oregon!
                                                              My handsome Hubby!
 Auntie Justine and Al.  You can just see how much they love each other ;)  So Sweet!
 Here we are climbing down the cliff at Strawberry Hill to hunt for agates...
 This is how you do it - just start moving rocks and hopefully you will find an agate
                               Another view of Strawberry Hill from the cliff...
 Here is Aunt Justine and Al climbing up after hunting for the agates.  We got a good workout!
 Al lives right next to these sand dunes in Winchester Bay OR - just out his back door and we were there!
 The dunes just go on and on for miles and miles.  The ocean is about 1/2 a mile from his house - I know! How lucky is he?
 This was our sand dune vechicle... A Yamaha Rhino - seats four so we all got to go and have fun!  Normally they go separately on their Polaris's... Next time I will get to drive my own!  Watch out!
 Auntie Justine found a bullet shell from World War II.  They come up all over... you pick up a gallon bucket and can sell them to the scrap metal place for $400!  Unbelievable!
                                                            Here is Me and Hubby!
                     Some daredevil sand duners.... was so fun watching them do tricks!
                                                    Our fun machine~
                                                       Auntie Justine and Al :)
                        Auntie Justine and I running out to the beach - man was that water ever cold!!!
 Everyone knows how hard it is to find a sand dollar without it being all broken... I found one!
                                                 But it was broke on the other side...
 Someone had collected all these pieces of driftwood and made a fort - so we had to get our picture in our 'beach house'.
                                                          Auntie Justine and Al :)
 We stopped in some little town, and I saw this log cabin church - too cute!
                                                    This is an artichoke plant!
                                                     Look how gorgeous the bloom is!
 We spent Sunday nite in Cannon Beach and look what I found outside our hotel this morning nibbling away at some plants
                                     As soon as I snapped the camera - he was off!

Here is hubby in front of haystack rock in Cannon Beach... it was a bit chilly this morning...

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