Wednesday, September 19, 2012

One of three quilts that are almost ready for Florida!

 This is Little David's quilt - the 6 month old grandson of Robin.  I am making quilts for her house so when her grandbabies stay over - they have a quilt to cuddle with.  My friend, Nanci, and I cut these three quilts out while we were in Paducah KY and we sewed the tops - Nanci created the patterns.  Then Sara quilted all three quilts, and sewed on the minky.  I am sewing the binding on now.  It has been a 3 person adventure :)  The bamboo batting makes these flannel quilts super soft!
     Here it is all finished and ready to go!  How cute are my quilt hangers?  That is Kaylee on the right and our neighbor girl, Destiny on the left.
Now I am sewing the binding on Gracie's quilt - the minkee is actually a light pink - shows up white in the picture...

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