Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sewing Expo 2013

I took two classes at the Sewing Expo and throughly enjoyed each one.  My first class was with Marci Baker.  She showed us how to make binding our quilts easier.  Of course, I have been binding for years, and always review her youtube video before I bind... so I was just curious to get to see her in person since I have been watching her for 5 years on my computer.  I didn't expect to learn anything new - but I did!!!!  This step is so cool.  What she shared was when you have your binding 1/4 inch from the corner of your quilt... instead of taking the needle out of your quilt so you can fold back your material diagonally... she suggests to pivot your needle in your quilt and SEW diagonally to the outside of your edge.  Then take the needle out of your quilt and fold your material back to get your perfect squared corner.  It works beautifully!  Your corner will be crisp and sharp!  Such an amazing tip.  Scroll down to "Mitered Binding for Different Angles".
Here is Marci Baker of
Here she showed us how to make our continuous piece of binding on our quilt.

                                        This wonderful lady needs no introduction!
                              My next class was with Eleanor Burns!  Such a Hoot!!!!
                      She proudly displayed her large flying geese template results....

 She got into character before she would display one of her patterns, this one was her braided quilt pattern... hence the braid!
 She was a Lollipop Kid when she showed us her dresden plate quilt...
 Can you guess which quilt she was showing here?
                                                                      Storm at Sea!
 And what is a day of shopping without grabbing some gorgeous wool and embroidery threads?
 I am so excited about this foot I bought for my 30 year old bernina :)  I asked for a demo - since the foot was $60.... It is a ruffle maker - isn't it cool?  Will make sewing dresses for the grandgirls much easier!  If the dress doesn't twirl - it doesn't get worn!
 Couldn't resist these half yard bundles for only $3 each.  They are
newest fabric line coming out...  The scale is small - so they will make adorable coin purses!
Fabric line is called "handmade from the heart".

Anyway - eventually, I ran out of money and had to come home... plus my bag was getting pretty heavy to carry!  Wish I could go back again today - but it would only get me in trouble :)

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