Sunday, August 25, 2013

Pacifc NW Quilt Show

I have lived out here in the Northwest for 35 years and have never been to the Pacific NW Quilt Show.
I finally got to go... and boy it didn't disappoint!
 This was Kaylee's favorite - the colors were so pretty!  Can you imagine all the hours and hours of work that went into this quilt?  This quilt is 83 years old :)  Hope I look that pretty at 83!

 One of my beloved basket quilts!  You know I can't pass up a basket quilt!!!

 I saw this in Paducah with Nanci - Was so happy Sara got to see it in person.  She fell in love with it too!

                                          Of course, here is my favorite ducky!
 Another favorite of Kaylee's - she is all into Mermaids!  Her birthday theme today is Mermaids, and we got her mermaid sheets and blanket for her present - I know that will make her happy :)

 This is a basket quilt - and I love modern quilts - but I didn't care much for this... just doesn't look right, I don't know if it is the material chosen or the basket handles - either way I was disappointed.  Though I love the largest border :)

               Isn't this amazing?  I loved it!  Nanci - I know you will love this kitty one :)

 The colors in this quilt were so right up my alley!  I wish the camera could have captured it!
                                                                  This quilt says it all!
           Another amazing quilt!  His paw was off the quilt... so much talent!
 There were 2000 leaves appliqued on this quilt!  Some of the quilts were behind ropes - as this was - so I couldn't get a close up of the info card...

                       One tired girl - what did we do with tired kids before iphones?
                     I love the simplicity of this one - I can see it in batiks!   Love how she did her corners!

 A purse that I liked the flower on - might try making myself one.
 This was one of Sara's favorites.  Green is her favorite color!  It did sparkle!
This was my favorite!

That's all Folks!  Hope you enjoyed my version of the Pacific NW Quilt show!  I will be going back next year!

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