Wednesday, October 16, 2013

3 Weeks in Italy!


 I found a fabric store in Venice!

 I got so excited!  I snapped this picture and the guy quickly turned his head and told me I couldn't take pictures in his shop and that I must pay him 20 Euros!!!!  I quickly pretended I didn't know what he meant and left... but before leaving I snapped the picture below looking into his window display from the outside!
Kaffe Fassett's material!  Only at 21 Euros a meter!!!!  A bit expensive, wouldn't you say?
 Venice was so beautiful and clean!  The water a gorgeous aqua color.

 We felt very safe in all of Italy except Rome... that was certainly an adventure I will share later with you!

 Since there are no yards in Venice - everyone hangs their laundry out the windows to dry!
 Here is hubby with his hands behind his back, walking down one of the many streets!  No cars in Venice!

 A Gondola man waiting for a customer....

 Took 6 centuries to build this Cathedral!
 Hubby took some really cool photos!  Lots of people get around on bikes.

 This Cherub reminded me of our little Melanie :)
More of that amazing Cathedral!  You could take a stairway to the top - if you look in the middle, you can see some of the stairs.

                                                 CORNEGLIA - Cinque Terra
 This was the view from our Balcony - pretty amazing!

Traveling to Italy is not for the weary - lots and lots (I cannot say it enough) of stairs and hills to climb!
Glad we got to go now - wouldn't be able to make it probably in 10 years from now.  I actually lost weight while in Italy.  And, I ate Spaghetti and pizza every single day!  I loved their pizzas!  And the spaghetti was so good - the tomatoes over there are lucious!  So red and flavorful!  Nothing like the tomatoes we have over here....  We expected the weather to be a bit chilly - ran into gorgeous weather the whole way - always in 70's or higher.  Sweat like a pig most days!
Will add more later, getting tired... I'm still on Italy time...  Chow!

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