Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Day and Kaylee's Quilt she designed :)

 Kaylee learned all about Pilgrims at school.  If they were quiet - they got to get a Pilgrim's hat made by their teachers husband, Mr. Austin.  So Kaylee tried to dress the part and put on a long skirt (a baby blanket) :)
            I love the things she gets or makes at school!  They are always so simple but yet so cool!
 TA DA!!!!!!!  Kaylee designed this quilt and her Mom sewed it together for her.
 Look closely and you can see a rainbow with clouds, a heart, and some very small hearts!  And of course her favorite thing right now is Mermaids - so she had to have some of them in her quilt :)
 Trying to get these 3 little monkeys to sit still long enough for a picture was almost impossible!

                                                They kept trying to get away!
                                                                            Got one!

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