Sunday, December 8, 2013

Our 1st Sew Day!

Caryn, Sara, and I decided we were going to start having sew days.  So I hosted the first one :)
Caryn sewn a bag for her daughter, Joy.  I sewed on my friend, Arvilla's, t-shirt quilt.
Sara sewed a zippered bag for Kaylee's teacher and then binded Melanie's quilt.
                                 Caryn's new Juki sewing machine!  We all loved it!
                                                                   I got her to smile :)
                            Sara binding Melanie's quilt!  It is soooo pretty!
                                  Here I am - busy sewing away on the t-shirt quilt....

 I got it about 1/2 way pieced together - our next sew day I should get it done enough to hand off to Sara to machine quilt...
 Look at how pretty Caryn's bag turned out!  She used Enchino material... love the feel of them!
                                             A close up of one of the pockets - I love owls!
           Sara's zippered pouch she made for Kaylee's teacher for a Christmas present...
                   Melanie's quilt is all binded - now ready for the washer and dryer.
                 I had to take a close up of the beautiful machine quilting Sara did on her quilt...
                              We had soooo much fun, and got soooo much done!

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