Tuesday, January 28, 2014

We got a new coffee maker!

As I have said before, there are two things I cannot live without for a day, an iron, and a coffee maker.
Since we have been retired, we have gone thru alot of coffee makers - seem to have the pot on all day long.  This last time we bought a Cuisinart - piece of crap!  Half the time it didn't want to turn on or if it did, it would turn itself off before the brew was finished.  So I have been eyeing this pretty baby up for a couple of years now and we finally took the plunge and bought her!  She is all handmade from Holland.  One of the best features - she doesn't put out steam when she is making my pot of coffee.  The coffee pot doesn't drip when I pour water in her.  She is a dream.  And the water heats up hot enough to please Mr. Noloosethreads!  Gotta keep the little man in the house happy :)
She is a Technivorm coffee maker - we bought her online to save a few bucks.  But they carry them in William-Sonoma stores.  So Cheers to a fabulous cup of java!!!


  1. We must! Can't do mornings without it or for that matter, the afternoon :)