Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sewing Expo!

Oh my!  Where do I begin!  We got up at 6 am left the house at 10 am, and got home at 9:30 pm.
I meet Tula Pink!  I was shopping in the Pacific Fabric Booth - and all at once she was there!
She was doing a show segment with Nancy Zieman of "Nancy's Notions".  So exciting!  I went over and asked if I could get a picture with her, and she was so gracious!  She just chatted away with me like I was a friend.  SO SWEET!  We stayed and saw her show called "Quilter's Night Out" 2 hours long. and it was sooo good - felt like we just sat down and it was over.  She is so funny - she could easily have done stand up comedy!  She showed us a bit of what goes on in her head when she is creating a series of material.  So Cool!  Meeting her and going to her show was definitely the highlight of my day!  Loved it!!!!!
                                          Here is me and my new BFF - Tula Pink!!!!

 Here is Tula doing a show segment with Nancy Zieman of Nancy's Notions.  Love the colors Nancy was wearing.  Tula didn't look as happy as when she was posing with me, I'm just saying...

 Tula says Angela Walters quilts all of her quilts for her.  Look at this detail!   Amazing!

 Caryn saw this quilt kit and was going to buy it and talked herself out of it.  Then after we sat thru Tula's show, she kicked herself for not buying it.  So now Caryn has to find all those fat quarters and the pattern and make it.  The booths were all closed after Tula's show, or Caryn would have gone back and bought it.  Who knows, she might go back to the Fairgrounds and buy it today :)

 Look at her sphere quilt!  The quilting detail makes it look like a rocket blasting off!

                                                And, here is Tula!

                                Here is a quilt pattern I bought - thought it was so pretty!

                                                 Another view of the quilt!

Can't remember what this lady was selling - but I was fascinated by her paint job on her sewing machine!

 She was kind enough to let me take both front and back pictures of it!

                          Here's my fellow partners in crime!  We had so much fun!
                                                          Caryn and Sara!
 Now here are all the goodies I bought!  Tula's new line "Fox Field", I love the polka-dots with the bunnies in between the dots!  Will definitely be buying more of this line!  I have some Acacia and Prince Charming I am going to use with this to make a FABULOUS quilt!
 I know!  Look at what I got!  Some Melody Miller Fabric!  SCORE!  I have been wanting some of her fabric forever and now I have some :)
          Some Tula Pink laminate and I'm all set to make my Melody Miller - Tula Pink bag!

 Some little ole Grandpa makes these acrylic seam rippers.  They were so pretty - could not pass on one!
Got some more frizion pens - never can have enough of those and a peek a boo bag that will hold my rotary cutter when I'm traveling :)

All in all - we loved the show and can't wait for the Shop Hop in June!

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