Sunday, August 24, 2014

Little One turns 7!

Her Mom and Dad got her the Malificent costume and doll.
She was so excited when she saw the doll in the box that she squealed with delight and hugged the box!

 The back view of her wings - so cool!
 Baby Henry came - but his real name is Parker Henry.  The parents wanted to keep his first name a surprise.  Such a cutie
pie and so good natured.  Uncle Richard wants to steal him!
 Cole and Melanie driving around in the Barbie Jeep.  Great fun!
 Cole loves driving the jeep around, got pretty good at it - "Look Gramma - one hand"!
 Miss Melanie blowing her kazoo from the pinata!
 That noise drove everyone crazy after 4 kids were blowing for a bit :(
 The birthday girl and her cousin - Cole :)  With Auntie Rachel coming out the patio door behind her (Cole's Mom)  Looks like Papa is trying to dance over to the right!!!

 Everyone was having fun trying on the Malificient 'horns'!
This is Gramma Caryn with Kaylee.
                               Just a whole bunch of sweetness here :)
Auntie Steph and Kaylee!  Everyone had such a fun time :)
Happy Happy Birthday Kaylee!  We love you so!!!

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