Friday, August 15, 2014

Our Last Concert for the Season :(

 Here is the quilt we made for John H - he's the guy who gave us all of our summer concert tickets.  He's a huge Seahawk's fan!
 Here we are at the concert - see these 3 people standing up (the lady wearing coral, the two men wearing blue) ... they were smoking pot at the concert!  I think we have seen everything at these concerts now!  The concert we saw prior to this was "Loverboy" - a band from the 80's.  Personally, never listened to them - back then I was a Garth Brooks fan, or Billy Idol... 
Anyways, at that concert - the couple in the row in front of us - she was really a pretty gal - about 35 years old.  She would twist and wiggle to the music - while balancing a marguarita in her hand...  at the end of the concert - the lead singer said he was disappointed that no one had thrown their panties on stage.  Well little Miss Wiggle - promptly pulled up her tube top and showed off 2 very perfect boobies!  The guy standing next to her went a bit bug eyed!  But with his wife whispering in his ear - he looked the other way.  I didn't!  Its like - if that is how your boobs look after a boob job - I want one for my birthday!  So, unfortunately - the lead singer did not see her fabulous rack... so she just excused her self to everyone in her row and walked up to the front row.  She literally positioned herself right dab in front of the lead singer and we thought she was going to flash him again.  OH NO!  She just whizzed off her tube top and threw it on stage!  OH MY!  She did get the lead singer's attention at that point.  He said thank you and that they were definitely beautiful.  Well all the men in the front row turned around towards us and had the biggest grin ever - you knew they were thinking, "Best Concert Ever"!
While the women were trying to figure out how to stop this 'display' - the men were in heaven!  Eventually the women got a t-shirt on her - but after a few minutes she threw that off.  Then someone from the crowd threw up a pretty big black bra (not sure if it was actually someone's or just a joke) but the lead singer picked it up with his microphone (one of those on a long pole) and poked it at her to get.  She refuses, pointing to her tube top on the band stage.  After many tries - she never got her tube top.  The concert ended and we saw the lead singer motion for her to come to him.  Then it was so crowed, we didn't see if he gave her back her tube top or gave her possibly a band t-shirt.  Either way, we all got a good memory!  So funny!  I came home and told Bob I wanted a boob job and he just looked at me like I was talking italian!
That was before I shared this story with him.  And, remember I said she was with someone?  Well that douche just remained in his seat looking back a few rows bragging to his friends what his date had done!  So Caryn and I thought he must have not known her for long or else met her on "".  A true boyfriend would not have just stood there grinning to his friends!

                   Here he is!  Hewey Lewis!  Fabulous concert!
                               Once again, we had wonderful seats!
 Wouldn't be the Northwest without a little bit of rain.  Miss Caryn is doing a "Hollywood" poise!
Here is our selfie Caryn did before the rain came...

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