Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Nordstrom says I am a shopping genius!

Well yesterday started out crappy but ended surprisingly nice!
Went in to sew doll dresses - and my sewing machine wouldn't turn on.  

I had to take it in to the shop - since my year warranty is over, they said it would be $169 to look at it plus parts...and then she asked 
"what was the dollar limit on parts that I would pre-approve before they had the technician call me..."
I said WHAT?????  I told them that this is the same thing that it did earlier this year - and that before the technician
did anything - I wanted to talk to him.  And I left.
It sounds like I was bitchy, but I actually wasn't - I was very nice - but I wasn't giving them a blank check - and I do want to talk with the technician.

So the other problem is - I need a new bra - don't know about you, but I hate bra shopping and bra buying.
So I suggested to hubby we stop in on Nordstrom Rack on the way to dinner.  He was happy :(  
On the way into the store - they were arresting someone who obviously was caught shop lifting.  So there was a commotion there.  The day just kept getting better and better...
But I made it to the clearance rack and was amazed I found one my size - whoppie!!!  It was a brand I buy - Wacoal - they wear like leather!
Anyway - originally $55 for $14.97  tried it on and it fit - Yeah!  So I went up to buy it and the guy said - $.01  I looked up - cause I was ready to run my charge card thru - and he said - yes, its a penny.  Do you have a penny so we don't get charged for your transaction if you use a credit card?
I looked at hubby in amazement and said - do you possibly have any change - we never carry money... we didn't - we looked back at the guy and said - we didn't.
Before I could think - I would just grab something cheap at the counter and buy that too - the guy reached in his pocket and pulled out a penny for me.
What do you do at that moment?  I just said, Thank you so very much, and (here is the goofy part) patted his hand!!!  Anyway - we got out of there free!
The guy told me to go and buy a lottery ticket.  I told Bob I just hope we get lucky and they reinstall the computer software for my sewing machine free like 
they did last time.  We didn't go and buy a lottery ticket.

The guy said that once something has been on clearance x amount of days - they reduce the cost to a penny and then pull it from the racks and send it back to the vendor.  He said - someone in error forgot to pull it from the rack.  How lucky was I?

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  1. My kind of deal! I would be looking on that rack every time I went into the store. Have a great Thanksgiving.