Monday, April 20, 2015

A visit from my Auntie!

 My Auntie Justine and Uncle Al :)  They are rock professionals!
They make these spheres out of huge rocks.  They are so gorgeous!

 This one here - is MINE!  I love the veins in it and the crystals you get to see inside the sphere.  This one is called a Geod.  It came from Arizona.
 The girls loved them too!  The one to Mel's left is actually made from petrifide wood.  Amazing - Uncle Al is going to make me one using petrifide wood found from their property in Arizona.  Can't wait!
This might be a thunder egg - will have to get the clarification from Auntie...
 This is made from laboradite - absolutely breathtaking!  The colors just dance in it. 
 Love love love this one.  The colors are so gorgeous.
Kaylee with the laboradite one - she was just facinated by them too!

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