Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sister's Oregon 40th Year Outdoor Quilting Event

The weather for the outdoor quilt show was perfect.  It was low 80's and high 70's.  The last time we came in 2011 it was 104 degrees!  This was sooooo much better!  

Such a pretty quilt and the way they quilted it really made it look so nice and the flowers pop!
           Some bachelor buttons growing near a street corner.
Caryn really likes 'diamond' patterns.  She is checking this one out.
Had to take a picture of this coffee cup quilt that was hanging on the side of the 'Dutch Bros' coffee shop.

This quilt was a block of the month from BJ's quilt shop in Bend OR.  Really cool pattern.  

I think green is one of the hardest colors to quilt with... this quilt sure is a pretty green one!
Such a neat story - finding this heirloom quilt...

                            A pretty wedding ring quilt!
                           Loved the oranges in this quilt!

          Some areas were always crowded... others not so much!
                          Nanci really like this star quilt.
            I took this pic for Melanie - she loves bunnies.
I don't remember this totem pole being here the last time I came. Saw so many new things in only 4 years time!

                   How different is this quilt?  I love it!

                             Another cool wood statue
Another diamond quilt, this was a class Kaffe Fassett taught a couple of weeks before the quilt show!

                                   More pretty flowers
        Such a busy quilt - but so cool!  One of my favorites!

This is the lady who made this quilt - such a sweetheart!  She was 86 years young!
   My favorite of the quilt show!  Love it!  Looks like she created it herself.  No pattern!

Seems like the rage now in making a quilt is to do a 'Row by Row' quilt.  This one is a really cool one.  How neat to have gone to a Tonye Phillips class!


Seems like this quilt made you think of the 80's....
               Different spin on a dresden plate pattern.

How adorable is this?  Nanci had to get this pattern to make for her Granddaughter - to - be!

                   I just thought this material was so cute!

Here is Nanci and Caryn.  This studio had so many metal sculptures and gateways...
This sweet lady offered to take a picture of all of us :)
                           Another great sculpture
                Looks like Nanci is talking to this bird!
                        A metal Cinderella's carriage!

So many cool quilts that were taught from classes!  This is a class Jean Wells (the lady who started this outdoor quilt show) taught.

                             This area wasn't very busy!

                                Now this dog is loved :)
                          Some more pretty flowers!
The quilts on display on the side of the "Stitchin Post" quilt shop.
                              How unique is this quilt?
Nanci's favorite - another version of the BOM offered by BJ's quilt shop a few years back.  
                 Stars are always a favorite of mine!
                       Another street view of the town...
                 My 2nd favorite quilt!  A little birdie!
Then yesterday, Nanci and I with whipped out these applique squares.  Now all I have to do is finish the borders on each side and piece it together...  See Ruby there on the left?

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