Friday, February 26, 2016

Sewing Expo 2106

Finally got my picture with Eleanor Burns!  I have tried getting a pic with her for the last 6 years or more and have never been able to.  Today was my lucky day!
The sewing expo was fabulous!  Had so much fun!  Ending up buying the girls Janome mini sewing machines for each of their birthdays.  Melanie is always wanting to sew on my sewing machine, and now this is just perfect.  They are small like her :)
Got some 1/2 yard batiks for $4 each.  My next project is going to be a horse head applique.  I need to find a kinko's to blow up my pattern.  

I found this pattern on line as a stained glass pattern, figured it would work perfect for a quilt applique - just need to blow it up.
            Only paid $8 at Kinko's to get it blown up :)

 Blueberry is growing leaps and bounds... it is hard to get a pic of her when she is awake - she is always on the move!
Here are two tired little puppies!

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