Sunday, May 8, 2016


                                                Look!  We are almost there!
 Since we got into town late Wednesday afternoon, we decided to just walk around the town and see what it had to offer and hit the quilt show in the morning!  A local artist that paints in colored chalks!  Amazing work!
 She was sweet enough to pose for me!  I cannot believe her talent!
 Here is a close up of her art work!  She was making it from a picture.
 Found this pretty pig that I got Nanci to stand by for a pic :)
                               Not sure why I got the bull - but, oh well!
 Had to hit Hancocks of Paducah before we went to our hotel for the evening.... savings galore!
 Here is Nanci looking for material!  See all those orange tags, 
that means they were on sale!

 Nanci made me this beautiful quilter's jacket!  It is so comfy!
Thank you again Nanci!
 Here is Nanci hunkering down for the night and doing some hand-stitching before bed.
 Okay - the next day finally came and we decided to hit the vendor bubble before we hit the quilt show.  Lots to see and buy!  And we certainly did our fair share of both!

 Finally, the quilt show!  I just took pictures of what I thought was so pretty!  I am a sucker for Daisys or Black- Eyed Susans

 I am always amazed at the Hawaii quilts... don't know how they can quilt such a big quilt with just a few colored fabrics to play with.  I would never finish one - but admire the ones who can!
                           This one's colors were just Gorgeous!

 Now this quilt hits close to home.  The lady who created this pattern worked for years in my city's quilt shop.  The pattern is called Pink Lemonade! 

            I always love the Halloween Quilts!  Love this quilt!

 Always have to get our picture in front of this background!
Childhood friends from 5th grade!  Priceless!

 Look!  We had a photo bomber!  She was intent on where she was going!  Don't even think she knew she was walking in front of a photo background :)

 One of my granddaughters love horses and this quilt was magnificent!

 More pics from downtown Paducah!  Such pretty buildings and streets!
                               Thought this guys shirt was a crack up!  
                                             Such a pretty little town!

                 This was my favorite quilt of all - love the colors!
Well that's all folks!  Hope you enjoyed the show - we sure did!
Until next time!

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