Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I found them!

Is there anyone out there, like me, who has been searching for that perfect group of women/maybe one man, that satisfies your quench for new adventures in quilting?
I HAVE FOUND MINE!!! It meets once a month on Tuesdays in Des Moines WA at We had our February meeting last night and I was blown away with the 'show and tell' pretties that were brought in. Hardanger embrodiery! Oh My - yes, there are women out there who do this exquisite hand work! I wish I would have taken my camera,
I certainly will from now on! Our group is called "Wool Friends".

It all started when I went back last year to Paducah KY for their annual quilt show with my friends, Nanci, Paula and Robin (friends since 5th grade). Now I classify myself as a contemporary quilter... love all the lines of Valori Wells, Amy Butler, Tula Pink, Laura Gunn, etc... but, when we stopped at the Primitive Gatherings booth, OH MY GOD - this quilt sang to me! I kept going back to it and just staring. Lisa's husband, Nick was manning (how appropriate) the booth and came over and stood by me while I was drooling... I think he thought I was going to make a run for it with her quilt. He casually mentioned - "You know, my wife created this from our garden out back." Now you have to know, I have been with my childhood friends all week long, laughing, and I mean laughing, and giggling and eating and having the best of fun - so out of my mouth comes "Sure, and my name is Martha Stewart." He just looks at me and slowly moves away...
As I am showing my friend, Nanci, this beautiful quilt - she tells me that the quilt is probably
Lisa's garden (The owner of Primitive Gatherings) - that this booth is actually a very popular shop. Grrrrr - I hate it when I have to eat my words and become humble... So I go over to Nick and apologize. He just kinda looks at me - but I redeemed byself by buying the pattern. (I joined the bom later that Lisa offers on line and am getting the wool packages each month to complete this beautiful quilt.)
So back to Washington State I come with this pattern that I absolutely have no idea how to make. It takes about 9 months before I finish my other projects and feel that I have the time to start on this huge project. I quickly "google" wool quilts in my area and lo and behold - up pops Carriage House Quilts. I spoke with Debbie the owner and she told me about the group I am now a part of! Gerry Schmidt is the one leading our class helping us where we need help. She is absolutely wonderful, as is, Debbie. So I am on my first block and learning lots. I cannot believe how fun it is to work with wool (and the cost - oh my!) But totally worth it - like a bottle of fine wine...
Here is a picture of my first block, the second picture is my handiwork from last night - I see a huge improvement. The third picture is my first attempt at blanket stitching. I thought about redoing my first - but then, I thought it would be nice to reserve my progress.

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  1. That is one impressive quilt.. I also love crows...
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