Thursday, February 18, 2010

She's here! My dolly has arrived from Australia!

Isn't she just beautiful - I knew when I saw Cath's dolls - that I had to have one.


  1. What a sweet little dolly. I love dolls. So much fun. I remember the fun I had with my dolls when I was little. I also love your wool quilt with the crows. Gosh, I love crows. I've had fun perusing your blog and it is NICE. thank you for sharing and being part of the blogging community across the world. I'm going to follow your blog from now on. Best wishes, Linda

  2. She just seems to have been made to sit next to the lava lamp... I am sure she will be very happy in her new home..... I am working on new designs now..... you will have to pop over to my blog to check when I have them finished....
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