Sunday, June 23, 2013

2013 Western WA Shop Hop

 I met a Blogger Celebrity at Esther's Fabrics on Bainbridge Island!  Her name is Kathy Mack from Pink Chalk Studios!
She was such a cool lady - we talked for over 1/2 an hour!  Loved Her!  See the bags behind me?  Nanci - I am making you one for your birthday!  The blue and orange ones... they are so very cool!
 I am such a DORK!!!   I see this sign at Esther's and say... Yes!  I've got to meet Kathy!  I wonder where she is?  and I hear a 'ummm', and turn around - and there was Kathy!  She was such a cool Lady - totally would have fit in our group of shop hoppers!  She even invited us to browse her studio on another day!  So I see another "Girl's Shopping Day" in the near future!
 This is one of Kathy's great patterns!  The huge floral material is actually a light laminate!  Nanci - you are going to love, love, love it!
                             I had to get Kathy's autograph!  What a fun quilt shop stop!
 These gorgeous fabrics are going to be a quilt for my next door neighbor girl, Makena.  She is 14 years old and just moved here 2 years ago.  She has 3 brothers (just like I do) and her new StepMom is having her a baby sister in September! The baby girl's name will be Michaella!   I was 10 when I got my baby sister!  So I decided to whip up her a quilt when I make Michaella one :)  Look at this gorgeous Momo fabric - I am going to use this piece as a panel and I will use the other prints around it as borders - maybe half square triangles?  Haven't quite decided yet... but it will be pretty!
Martha Negley is my new fabric designer go to!  Her colors are just Luscious!  Her colors radiate!  Don't know what I am doing with this piece - but it will be clothing of some sort!
We left my house at 8:00 am and came home at 11:30 pm.  We went as far south as Orting WA and as far Northwest as Sequim WA.  Had sooooo much fun!  I fell in love with the town Port Gamble!  The Quilted Strait quilt shop was such a neat place to shop in there!  The homes on the water were so picturesque!  It was just like looking at a movie set!
Esther's Quilt Shop on Bainbridge Island was another favorite!  We just had so much fun at these two shops.  My normally thrifty daughter, Sara, was dropping $100 bills like they were flies!  I've never seen her spend so much money!  And my friend, Caryn, OMG - she went crazy too!  But you know, it was so easy to spend money on this hop!  We found so much material on sale for $6 a yard or 30% off.  Was hard to resist!  Miss Nanci - you have got to come out here again and we do the shop hop together!  So very much fun!!!!  Since you are my quilting buddy in crime - we must do this together one year!  We have room just waiting for you in my suv!
Our other favorite shop was Material Girls in Silverdale.  Sadly, they are closing so we won't be seeing them on any future shop hops.  The owners have retired to Arizona and the daughter is slowly closing the shop.  This is where I got the material for Makena's quilt at 30% off.
Another favorite shop was "Heirloom Quilts" in Poulsbo.  We found so much fabric there too!  Just a great selection to be tempted by!
Can't remember how many coffees I had yesterday - but what a fun day!  Unfortunately you have to hit 16 shops in order to be eligible for the drawing of the prizes of the shop hop.  We only got to 11.  I am so pooped - don't think I can go out today to do more... won't get to send my 'passport' in.  But that is okay!

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