Thursday, July 30, 2015

Happy BIrthday to Me!

I know most people hate their birthdays, but I have always loved mine!  This morning was no exception!  Last night we went out to dinner with our friends - whose hubby's birthday was yesterday.  Had a wonderful birthday cake and played cards!  And, I WON!!! 
This morning I opened the front door to my Grandbabes bearing gifts!
Here are pictures of the lovlies!
 I had asked Sara to make me another pillow - figured that would give her a big challenge since I absolutely love my VW Bus pillow she made me for Mother's Day... and look at the gorgeous pillow I got!  A dresden plate - made with the prettiest of fabrics!  I love it so!!!!

                         Love, love love it!!!
Sara grew this dahlia from a bulb!  How beautiful is this?
 Love this!  Sara said the girls picked out their own gifts.  This is from Mel...
 Lavendar milk glass - how beautiful!  And it has a candle inside.  
 Kaylee knows how I love my birds - this one is just so very pretty!
 A ceramic trinket box - it will hold some of my most precious trinkets inside!
                 How pretty is this lotus candle holder!
Look at the pretty ladybug earrings I got!  I'll be wearing these today :)  Love the sparkle!!!

I got a wonderful phone call from my Auntie Justine - I do love her so!  She certainly made my day very special!

The best feeling in the world is to feel loved, and I do!
 The day just continues to get better!  Miss Mel gave me a manicure!  She picked out the colors too :)

 Kaylee made me this pretty card with 2 of her horse pictures :)

 Cole made me this card and a Minion pretty!
 He knows I love hearts and made me a pretty heart too!
Rachel got me these pretty earrings!  It sure is fun having a dil who works at a jewelry store!

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