Thursday, July 30, 2015

Some pictures of the Grandbabes!

 We got the grandbabes a few school clothes... tried to get them to do a 'fashion' show, but they weren't into trying on everything, but I got a few pics... This shirt glows in the dark!

 Footballs are always a hit with Cole - my goodness isn't he getting big, looks so grown up!
 And this one!  I can't believe how grown up she is getting too!
She loves horses - and we found this sweater!  It has a lot of sparkles on the flower!  Right up our alley!
 A crochet vest for Kaylee - she would fit right into the 70's... she loves fringes and sparkles!
 A pretty purple daisy blouse with a bit of crochet on the bodice.
 Big sister Kaylee found this bunny shirt for Miss Mel!  She loves it!
Kaylee insisted we get Mel a horse sweater too!  I love it when they have matching blouses!  

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